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Flowers aren’t just for weddings!
We love making arrangements and bouquets for every occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, new houses, I love yous, Mondays, or any other day!

Give us a call, fill out the form below, or stop by our shop to place an order. We can deliver or you can pick up from our shop 910 Pecan Avenue.
We deliver throughout the Charlotte area, as far north as Huntersville and far south as Ballantyne.
Our minimum for delivery is $75, while our average orders are between $100-$125.  
Delivery fees and taxes are additional. Delivery and Pick Up Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-3

Check out some examples of our flower arrangements below
(Please note: Due to heavy volumes of weddings and events, Saturday deliveries and pick up orders may be limited or unavailable.)


Homecoming Flowers


Wrist Corsage | $25

The picture above is an example of a corsage on a slap bracelet. Each corsage will be unique.


Boutonniere | $15

The picture above is an example of a boutonniere with magnetic attachment. Each boutonniere will be unique.


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Sympathy Flowers

Our sympathy designs are much like our everyday designs in that we use only premium flowers and upscale design techniques. We believe in elegant, timeless, and classic designs for funeral arrangements and understand that this is a sentimental time for your family and friends. Loved ones passed should be honored and celebrated with gorgeous blooms and arrangements. We specialize in arrangements that will stand out against all other sympathy flowers- refined, unique, and charming. We offer casket sprays, standing sprays, wreaths, plants and fresh cut arrangements in coordinating colors and a variety of sizes. 

Please see a few of our past orders below, designed as touching tributes.


Flower Subscriptions

Just can't get enough of the pretty? Want to be surrounded by floral beauty every week? Join our Subscription Club and we'll make sure you're never without.

We are super excited to be offering this option to our regular clients. Our subscription program allows you to send or receive flowers on a regular schedule. We offer designs of  seasonal blooms in a vase. You choose the frequency and where you want them to go! Easy as that.

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography


Flower and Plant Care

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography

Fresh Floral Arrangement Care:

  • Once you receive your arrangement: Place in a cool space away from direct sunlight.

  • While enjoying your arrangement: Fresh water is key to a long lasting arrangement! Every other day you should change the water in the arrangement, simply by pouring out dirty water and replacing it with room temperature clean water. (If your arrangement is in floral foam, make sure to add water daily)



Orchid Plant Care

  • Once you receive your orchid: Place plant in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight. Leave it in its place instead of changing its location frequently. Water orchid once a week with 3 ice cubes or a 1/4 cup of water. Roots should dry completely between watering.

  • Tips: When last bloom falls off cut back stem to top of leaves and continue watering once a week. Green leaves mean a happy plant!

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography

 Christina Hussey Photography

Christina Hussey Photography

Succulent Plant Care

  • Once you receive your succulent: Place plant in a sunny space (if placed outside bring inside before first frost). Water moderately as needed.