Flower Subscriptions

Just can't get enough of the pretty? Want to be surrounded by floral beauty every week? Join our Subscription Club and we'll make sure you're never without.

We are super excited to be offering this option to our regular clients. Our subscription program allows you to send or receive flowers on a regular schedule. We offer designs of  seasonal blooms in a vase. You choose the frequency and where you want them to go!Easy as that.

We'll just need a bit of information to get started.....

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Delivery Address
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Recipient's Phone number
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Please choose a start date
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Please choose an end date
If no end date is listed, your deliveries will incur indefinitely. You may cancel at any time by calling us at 704.905.9808
List any birthdays, anniversaries, etc that you would like us to deliver on. For instance, if you choose weekly deliveries beginning on Thursdays, but your mom's birthday is Monday, we'll switch the delivery date for that week and revert back to normal on the following week.
If your deliveries are gifts, please coordinate any special dates with recipient information here. For instance, if your deliveries are for you, but you'd like to send March's delivery to your mom for her birthday you can list that information here.
If you are sending as gifts, please coordinate recipient name with card message here.
What would you like to spend on each delivery? Our minimum is $75, not including tax and delivery. Once your subscription order is received, we will send you an invoice to confirm your order.
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Please select how you would like to be billed for your subscription
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Please list any buzz words that would help us design for you. You may say things like "I hate blue" or "I love texture"
This is an order form. I understand that by completing and submitting this form, I am placing an order with Nectar in exchange of goods and services for payment. I understand I am responsible for the invoice that will incur following this submission. Please check yes to place your order. *