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Nectar is a full-service floral design studio in Charlotte, NC providing fresh cut floral arrangements for delivery, weddings, and events.

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Caring for your fresh floral arrangement or plant.


Fresh Floral Arrangement Care:

  • Once you receive your arrangement: Place in a cool space away from direct sunlight.
  • While enjoying your arrangement: Fresh water is key to a long lasting arrangement! Every other day you should change the water in the arrangement, simply by pouring out dirty water and replacing it with room temperature clean water. (If your arrangement is in floral foam, make sure to add water daily)


Orchid Plant Care:

  • Once you receive your orchid: Place plant in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight.  Leave it in its place instead of changing its location frequently. Water orchid once a week with 3 ice cubes or a 1/4 cup of water. Roots should dry completely between watering.
  • Tips: When last bloom falls off cut back stem to top of leaves and continue watering once a week. Green leaves mean a happy plant!


Succulent Plant Care:

  • Once you receive your succulent: Place plant in a sunny space (if placed outside bring inside before first frost). Water moderately as needed.



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