Nectar, Inc.

A Boutique Flower Shop

Nectar is a full-service floral design studio in Charlotte, NC providing fresh cut floral arrangements for delivery, weddings, and events.

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I’m a mobile unit…so here’s my purpose in life:

At first I want to target 3-5 businesses and/or business parks 1 day a week.

I want to bring flowers to the people who are stuck at their offices all day.

They probably brown bag lunch every day, and I’m thinking they work under a lot of fluorescent.

I want those guys’ faces to light up when they see me pulling in the parking lot.

I’ll have a “bouquet of the day” choice pre-wrapped, but I’ll also have some options to create custom bouquets on the spot.

Prices will start around $20.

I’ll probably have some other fun stuff… terrariums, container gardens, orchid plants.

No day will ever be the same as the last; I like to keep things interesting…

Hope you’ll follow me around town (literally, if you need flowers) and also on twitter(

where we'll be posting location and schedule updates.

See you on the roads!




940 N Davidson St
Charlotte NC 28206
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 & Sat 10-3

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